Book Illustration Workshop

Class Supply List

• #2 pencil
• 4H pencil
• Transparent Watercolors, preferably artist grade, because those have ox gall, which gives better color flow. Suggested minimum colors: gamboge or lemon yellow, quinacridone violet, alizarin red, and ultramarine blue – more welcome e.g. greens or browns.
• Black waterproof fine-liner (e.g. Micron Pigma 01 or 005)
• Fine and thicker watercolor paintbrushes
• A large yogurt cup or similar container to use as a water container
• 2 or more pieces of watercolor paper min 8"x10" size (I recommend Arches brand)
• 6 or more sheets of printer paper or a sketch book (for story-booking and trial sketches)
• Two or more photos for inspiration
• A few paper towels