Watercolor Intermediate

Instructor: Lee Baughman


The color wheel is divided into twelve spots like a clock.  As artist, it is helpful to have a paint color in each location and a palette which accommodates that.  Knowing what colors are in which location enables you to make good color choices. Ultimately, you will want to use professional grade paints in your artwork though Van Gough and Academy are good student grade paint.  Many artist choose to begin with student grade and replace colors with professional grade as they develop.  Some colors numbered below have an "a" and a "b".  The "b" version is a staining color for making darks.  You will need both "a" and "b".

Student Grade:

Professional Grade:

*Lee's favorite professional paints are made by Daniel Smith

Note*  A locally owned art store, Art's Desire, located at 5604 NE St. Johns Rd. has stocked a full supply of Van Gough paints and other supplies including Daniel Smith Watercolors. They are closed on Fridays.  Their number is 360-693-0028. (If no one is in the store go around to the back where classes are held in blue building and ask for help).

Watercolor paper:  (the most important supply you will buy)  Lee has found D’Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper is the easiest to work on and to fix your mistakes.  It comes in 22" x 30" size sheets and greatly contributes to students success.  You will need two sheets which we will cut into 1/8 sheet pieces to work on.  Lee can help you use paper cutter in class.

Palette:  Jones Color Round (economical choice that you can use later as a travel palette), The Quiller Palette. If you already own a palette you may use what you have as long as it has a lid.  The two palettes above are designed to accommodate setting up your paints like a color wheel (12 spots) which helps greatly in making color choices.  Lee is happy to help you set up your palette in class including any additional colors you may have.

Painting board:  12 x 16 or slightly larger - Any hard surface except cardboard.  (wood, Plexiglas or cookie sheet)

Brushes:  number 8 and number 12 round watercolor brushes. Additionally, a 1"  flat or Hake brush (economical choice) Synthetic watercolor brushes that come to a sharp point are recommended.  Lee uses Richeson 9000 series

Pencil:  #2   Also a ball point pen to use when transferring drawing.

Paper towels: white paper or blue shop towels (Lee's favorite)

Masking Tape: Scotch 3m masking tape works well (Some white Artist tape cost more and will leak)