Drawing For Beginners

Required Supplies
• 18 x 24" Drawing Pad, Strathmore 300 or 400 series Drawing Paper or the equivalent is suggested
• Drawing Pencils (1 ea: HB, 2B, 4B, 8B)
• Charcoal Pencils (1 ea: Soft, Medium, Hard)
• Sketch Pad 11 x 14 or 9 x 12. Strathmore 100 Series Sketch, equivalent or better
• Vine Charcoal Soft (1 Box Thick & Thin Sticks)
• 1 Chamois
• Metal Pencil Sharpener or X-Acto Knife
• Sketch Pad Board with clips big enough for your 18x24 drawing pad. This is a must there are no easels in this room.
• 1 White Mars Plastic Eraser
• 12” Plastic T Square/Ruler
• Kneaded eraser - Prismacolor brand recommended
• Container or tote for all of your drawing materials

Optional Supplies for later in the class
• Conte Crayons
• Prismacolor colored pencils
Note- Feel free to bring what you already have!
Most anything can be used to draw and it is fun to experiment.

You can find these supplies at Blick Art Supply or Michael’s. I also highly recommend Artists and Craftsman in North Portland (they have great sales). I estimate this will cost between $30-40.