Instructor: Karin LaBriere

1. Suggested (optional) DVD "Tai Chi: the 24 Forms with Karin LaBriere."  This is available at the campus bookstore.  One may need to ask for it.

2. It is best to not wear jeans, or any other tightly binding clothes.  The value of loosely fitting clothing is that the chi can circulate both within and around the body more freely.  

3. Classes are held on a hardwood floor, so footwear should offer stability and protection as needed, but be simple enough that one can feel the ground.

4. Recommended books related to tai chi and qigong:

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain, by Chungliang Al Huang
Essential Tai Ji, by Chungliang Al Huang
The Way of Qigong, by Kenneth Cohen
Tao, the Watercourse Way, by Alan Watts

Class held at Hazel Dell Grange