Taylor Anderson, ECD Instructor

Taylor Anderson

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  • Personal Enrichment

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Taylor Anderson is a Financial Planner at a family-owned fee only financial planning firm in Vancouver.

She is a licensed investment adviser representative and is currently working on the requirements to achieve the Certified Financial Planner® designation. Taylor enjoys not only the technical side of her work, but is passionate about making personal finance approachable and exciting for her clients.

Taylor experienced the value of personal financial planning first hand when she and her husband decided, after 10 years in the workforce, to join the Peace Corps before returning to their hometown in Vancouver to be closer to family. It had been a long-term plan to join the family business, but the details on logistics and making sure the experience abroad was meaningful made conversations about money at home very important. She learned that there are many ways for couples to communicate about finances, and is thrilled to share them with students in her course. 

          Instructor: Kallie Abascal

Kailie Abascal is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner. Her favorite part of her job is brainstorming with her clients to help define and clarify their goals, and then work collaboratively to develop and implement the strategies to achieve them - whatever those goals may be! Before moving back to Vancouver to join her family-owned fee-only financial planning firm, Kailie was a member of a team of five women CFP® professionals at a firm based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Working with a team of women, she learned the real benefit of collaborating on such a taboo topic as money. Kailie's passion for personal financial planning started when she and her husband lived and worked in Oaxaca, Mexico after college. Together, they have set personal goals and implemented plans that have allowed them to live in three countries and both coasts of the US, while still pursuing their individual career paths. Kailie believes that money is a tool to reach your goals, and the communication with your significant other is the way to set them.