Clark College CCE Featured Instructors


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Curtis Miller

Belonging Thru Small Group Storytelling

Christi Krug

Wildfire Writing

Lew Jones

Beginning Banjo & Ukulele

Garland Holt

Language of DNA: Genetics & Genealogy

Tracy Reilly Kelly

Civics 102: Hot Topic

Pamela Johnson

Mixed Media Collage

Angela Sanders



Ed Bedecarrax

Travel Italy


Kelly Garcia

Adulting 101: Building A Strong Foundation

Charles Jackson

Computer Basics, Maxamizing Adroid & Google Workspaces


Daniela Micu

DSHS Dementia & Mental Health


Adriana Thomas

Essential Oils/Introduction to Crystals


Karin LaBriere

Tai chi & Qigong Practices


Janis Jasinsky

Assiting Aging Parents or Partners


Susana Bertorini

Barre Tone



Diana Thewlis

Watercolor Technique



Doug Smith

Beginning Guitar



Barbara Baker

The "Forbidden" Gospel of Mary Magdalene



Craig Lewlling

Stocks Part 1 - Begin with only $2000














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