Jill began practicing Tai Chi after an injury and was impressed, not only by her increased strength, but by how much she enjoyed the graceful, gentle exercise.

At the end of each class she felt both relaxed and energized and enjoyed it so much she wanted to share it with others.

Jill currently teaches Tai Chi for Arthritis - Sun style 21 Forms endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation; Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance - Yang style 8 Forms developed by the Oregon Research Institute; Tai Chi for Energy - a combination of Chen and Sun style designed by Dr. Paul Lam; Sun Style 73 Forms - an intermediate level for those wishing to further their skill.

Jill holds certificates from the Arthritis Foundation Tai Ch Program level I ; 2, Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance from the Oregon Health Authority and Tai Chi for Energy from the Tai Chi for Health Institute.