What is my username?

Your username was assigned to you by our system when your user profile was created. If this is your first time registering online, your username is the email address given when you registered. If you have only registered over the phone, you will need to request a temporary password in the password reset option in order to access your account. Back To Top

What if I did not have an email when I first registered?

If you did not give us a valid email address when you registered for classes you will need to contact customer service at 360-992-2939 to manually set your username. Back to top

What if I share an email with someone else, are our usernames the same? 

No, they will not be the same. If you have signed up with an email address that you share with another individual, the online system will assign you usernames. When you request your username please be aware that all the usernames associated to that email will be sent in the username recovery. If you are unsure which account is yours you will need to contact customer service at 360-992-2939 to manually set up your online access. Back to top

What if I don’t remember the email address I used when I registered?

If you don’t remember which email address you may have used, you can contact customer service Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, and they will assist you with registration and/or setting up your username and password. Back to top

What if I don’t have access to my old email address anymore?

If you don’t have access to the email account assigned to your account, you can contact customer service Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, and they will assist you with registration and/or setting up your username and password. Back to top

I can’t find my username, can I just set up a new account?

Yes, you can set up a new account and submit your order for processing; however, you cannot use the same username or email as your previous account. Any prior classes you may have taken will not show up on your account until the registration department consolidates your student records. If you choose to set up another account, please let us know so we can consolidate your accounts for you. Back to Top

What if I don’t remember my password?

If you can’t remember your password, there is a link on the sign up page to reset the password for your account. Our system will send you a temporary password that you can use to access your account. Please be aware that once you have successfully logged in with the temporary password you will have to choose a new password before completing your order. Back to top

How do I access my account with the temporary password?

When you receive the email with your temporary password there will be a link to the login page. Enter your username, and for best results, copy and paste the temporary password. Once the temporary password has been accepted you will be prompted to change your password. When the page loads, the input fields for the new password are on the right side; you may have to scroll the page over to see them in your browser window. Back to top

Can I register two people in the same account?

Your online account is tied directly to your Student Identification Number with Clark College, therefore each student must have their own individual online account to sign up and pay for classes. You will need to create an additional account for every person who is registering for classes. Back to top

Why do you need my email?

Your account to purchase a class is set up using your email address, and a copy of your receipt is e-mailed to you after purchasing a class. We also use your email to send you informative updates about new classes, instructors and special deals on Economic & Community Development classes. 

In a new effort to save paper and to promote better confidentiality of survey results, we have partnered with SurveyGizmo for our online surveys. Effective April 2012, ECD will also use your email to send you a brief survey on the course you have completed.Back to top

Can I sign up someone else for a class?

Yes, you may sign up someone else for a class. You will need their name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth. However, please be aware that due to student privacy laws you cannot cancel a class for another student. Back to top

How do I pay for my class if I don't have a credit card?

You can come to our main registration office at 500 Broadway Street, 2nd floor, or mail in your registration form with your check. If you wish to pay using cash, you will be directed to the main campus cashier since we are unable to accept cash at the Broadway location. Back to top

Can I use my financial aid to pay for ECD classes?

Unfortunately we cannot accept financial aid for ECD classes. All classes offered by ECD at this time are not eligible for financial aid due to their non-credit status. Back to Top

Do you offer "senior discounts" if I am over 55 years of age?

We do not offer a senior discount on ECD classes. We do have a Mature Learning section of classes that have been subsidized and are available to seniors over 55 years of age.Back to top

I have been waitlisted, what does that mean?

If you receive a status of "waitlisted" on your registration receipt it means the class is at full capacity and you have been placed on a waiting list. If someone drops from the class and you are the next available person on the list, we will contact you for your payment information in order to process your registration in the class. Back to top



How do I cancel my registration for a class?

To cancel your registration for a class and receive a refund you must contact us three business days before the start of the class and request to be dropped. There will be a 10% charge for all cancellations. If you are requesting a refund within five days of the beginning of your class and have circumstances which you feel warrant a refund outside of our policy, you will need to contact the program manager to request it. Back to top

My class was cancelled due to low enrollment – what does that mean?

All of our classes must meet a minimum enrollment to cover the costs associated with running the program. If a class does not have enough students enrolled, you will be notified by the program manager and receive a full refund. Back to Top

Why can't I cancel a class for someone else?

Due to FERPA regulations, we are unable to cancel a class without consent from the student. If you are a husband and wife cancelling a class that you have both registered for, please make sure both of you are available when you call to request cancellation. Back to top


General Questions

What is your inclement weather policy?

Your safety is our first concern. In the event of inclement weather please use your best judgment in deciding to attend classes. If inclement weather is anticipated, the main page of the Clark College website,, will be updated with closures. Economic and Community Development follows the College’s inclement weather decisions for classes and events on the College’s main campus, Columbia Tech Center (CTC) and Corporate Education Building in downtown Vancouver. For classes or events at non-College facilities, students will be contacted by ECD staff if classes or events are cancelled. Back to top

I am interested in becoming an instructor. Whom do I contact?

You will need to speak with the program manager and prepare a course proposal. Please contact our main line at 360-992-2939 to be directed to the proper program manager for your proposed class. Back to top

Is there a fee for parking?

Our main campus on Ft. Vancouver Way and our CTC location does not require any fees for parking. Our downtown location on Broadway Street does have metered parking with the City of Vancouver at $0.50 per hour. Back to top

Are there age restrictions for continuing education classes?

Unless a class is specifically designated for children, the minimum age for enrollment is 18. Parents should be aware that most classes are designed for adults and there is no supervision of children before, during or after workshops. Back to top

Where do I purchase the textbook required for my class?

Books are available at the Clark College Bookstore located in the Gaiser Student Center on the main campus on Ft. Vancouver Way. Bookstore personnel will be able to show you the section designated for Economic & Community Development. Books may also be available at other bookstores or online. Back to top

How do I get clock hours for my class?

To obtain clock hours or CEU's for your class, you will need to pay a fee of $20 per class (a combo is two classes and therefore $40) upon registering for the class. You will receive the verification paperwork in the mail and will need to return it to our office in order to have the clock hour certificate issued.Back to top