Spend a day heading towards the beautiful Mt. St Helens area to learn the basics of mushroom identification and spend time foraging in the lush PNW woods. Get hands-on experience as we observe and handle mushrooms of all kinds, paying attention to details typically overlooked in the forest with an emphasis on the identification characteristics of the edible mushrooms we come across. Mushrooms are the lesser known product of the forest floor and evoke mystery and intrigue. Though not often in the spotlight, they are actively working as healers, regenerating life and producing delicious edible fruits. It’s time to begin looking beyond the stigmas of mushrooms as dirty decomposers, and into the ways they inspire our curiosity, our culinary creativity and our inner forager. No prior experience necessary. This will be an all-day event, a packing list will be made available for those registered.

Important Note:

Meet the Clark College bus at Purple Lot #1.