Some historians have called World War II the most transformative event of the 20th century. Explore why, how and who were effected by war that most thought not possible after the conclusion of World War I. Explore its causes, both long and short term, including the Spanish Civil War and Japan’s expanding Empire in search of raw materials. What was the effect of America's foreign policy of isolationism? Explore how WWII transformed the civilian populations of the belligerent nations, especially the Jewish populations that would come under control of Nazi Germany. What happened to the Japanese-American population in the Western United Sates that were sent to internment camps after Imperial Japan attacked the United States? Part I ends in 1943, with the Soviet Army defeating the German Wermacht at Stalingrad, island hopping in the Pacific, and the transformation of American society by World War II.

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No class on 11/22 This class is at our main campus location.