Study and practice in preparation for the Washington state certification examination as a nursing assistant. The 6-week program includes 60 hours of classroom instruction and 60 hours of supervised clinical experience for nursing assistants in long-term care settings. Topics include anatomy and physiology, resident rights, concepts of death and dying, dementia care, legal aspects of care, scope of practice of the nursing assistant, function of the health care team, communication skills, infection control, safety and emergency procedures, and restorative care.

Important Note:

NURSING ASSISTANT-REGISTERED (NAR) HOURS: After 16 hours of training met on Thursday, July 6, 2020, NAR application able to be submitted online. ONCE approval through Washington Department of Health- NCQAC, 48 Hours of direct patient care hours completed under the supervision of an RN or LPN in the work setting with NCQAC approved checklist completed by RN/LPN to be counted as program clinical hours.