Illustrate Your Pet

Class supply list.

-One or several photos of the pet(s) you want to illustrate. If you plan to trace, then additionally, a printer paper sized black and white printout or copy of the photo you plan to use.
-An 8x10 or larger piece of watercolor paper (I recommend Arches cold press 140g or thicker). You can buy a full sheet (22"x30") and cut it down in class, saving the other pieces for later.
-Several sheets of white printer paper to practice drawing different fur/scale/shell textures on.
-Black "Micron Pigma" brand pens (which are waterproof and lightfast) - I recommend sizes 005, 01, and 03. At the very least, one size 01.
-Several pencils of different hardnesses (I recommend 4-6H, HB, and 2B, or similar)
-Paper towels
-Watercolor paint brushes - I recommend a round #12 and a round #8, plus one small one, maybe #2 or so for detail work. If you already have similar numbers, you don't need to go out and buy the specific ones I mention. Please make sure they are intended for watercolor.
-Transparent Watercolors - student grade is OK, but you will get better results using artist grade (suggested: gamboge or lemon yellow, quinacridone violet, alizarin red, ultramarine blue, phthallo green - more if you want, e.g. greens and browns). Daniel Smith, M. Graham and Schmincke are good brands I recommend.

-An optional black and white 8.5 x 11 (printer paper) sized print or photocopy of the pet photo the student plans to paint. (for those who need to transfer the image, rather than freehand drawing it)

You can find the supplies at Art's Desire in Vancouver, or Dick Blick or Utrecht in Portland. Michael's has the Micron pens, pencils, and paper as well, but doesn't always have a good assortment of watercolors.