Gelli Plate Print Workshop

Supply List.

Gelli Plate: any size you stores and Amazon carry these
(I will have 1 small & 1 round one available, but you will want to have your own!) The original Gelli Plate brand works the best, we found the Speedball printing plate to have issues when using acrylic paints. (Keep the original packaging for future storage!!!)

Hard flat support to place your Gelli Plate on: a piece of Plexi slightly larger than your Gelli Plate, or smooth cookie sheet works well!

Specialty papers to print on: Old book pages, maps, handmade papers, black papers, etc. (Optional)

Susan will provide unlimited 12 x 12 wet strength tissue for your printing and old Dictionary pages.

Matte or gloss medium for collage development.

Support for Collaging your nature prints: Paper (Recommend Strathmore Aquarius II), cradle boards, or primed stretched canvas.
(1 or 2 is plenty, most of your time will be creating the nature prints.

Acrylic paints, brushes, brayer if you have one (I have several to share if you don’t have one) and usual painting gear.

Purell Hand Sanitizer (Kroger makes a cheaper version that works great) and cheap Baby Wipes for easy clean up of your Gelli Plate.

Pressed leaves, stencils, stamps, etc. (Optional, as Susan will provide plenty.) And of course: Your imagination!!