Collage and Mixed Media

Supply list
College and Mixed Media
Spring 2019

We will be using acrylic paints and other mixed media, plus adding a variety of collage materials to create works of art..

Surfaces of which to work:
Most any surface: canvas, canvas boards, heavy mixed media paper, cradle boards, or any hard board will work. You will not need all of these. Use what you have or what you prefer to work on. Space is somewhat limited so no real large pieces…up to 16 x 20 ok.

For adhering collage materials:
You will need some kind of acrylic medium for adhering collage papers and light- weight materials. (I generally use Golden acrylic medium either matte or glossy. Other brands will work, Mod Podge will also work.)
Gesso or heavier gel mediums can be used for heavier objects.
“Yes” paste is good to have for magazine papers.

I use and demonstrate with acrylic paints both tube acrylics and fluid acrylics. However, you can use other paints and mediums. We will talk about suggested brands on the first day. So BRING WHAT YOU HAVE! I often use other things such as acrylic inks, ink intense blocks or pencils, charcoal etc. in my mixed media pieces.

You will need a variety of sized brushes – even some smaller paint store brushes for larger areas and acrylic mediums etc. If you have palette knives, we will also use those. Again bring what you have. We will talk more about supplies on the first day. So many different things can be used.

Collage Materials:
We will make a lot of our own collage papers. Ideas and samples will be shown.
For making your own papers you will need:
White tissue paper
A variety of plain papers
Newsprint is inexpensive and can be good for collage

You may also use fun purchased collage papers and any found materials. I will have Citra papers, old sheet music, old pattern papers and a variety of “neat
junk” that you can use.

Other supplies:

-If you have stencils please bring them.
-If you want to try the Gelli plate you will need to purchase your own. You can get them on Amazon.
-Some sort of palette. I like to use palette papers
-Paper towels or old towels
-Portfolio for your work
-Water spray bottle
-(water containers are available in the classroom)