Fun With Acrylics

Supply List

-Bring a black and white and color xerox copy of your subjects (animals and people) that will fit nicely on your canvas. You may also bring in your own sketches. We will be cutting out the images, gluing them onto the canvas panel and painting on top of them so bring copies that fit nicely onto your panel

-Hard canvas panel (2 or 3) in your choice of sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 10x10 square, or 12x12 square

-Acrylic paints-bring colors you like and be sure to include black and white. Craft paints are OK as are any paint you have

-Brushes-bring a variety of sizes for acrylic paint. Include medium flat, fan brush, angle brush.

-Flat bristle brush to apply glue

-Collage papers: pre-printed scrapbook papers, magazine pages, painted papers, embellishments like scraps of string and other small ephemera

-Matte or gloss medium or Mod Podge, or white glue

-Scissors, small pair

-Sharpie and any other markers you like