Recycled Arts Class projects:

Class #1, May 12 - Bird Feeders and Garden Spinners

Class #2, May 19 - Teachable Kid-Friendly Crafts: Robots, Spaceships and Monsters

Class #3, June 2 - Steampunk or Antique accessories construction

Class #4, June 9 - Steampunk or Antique accessories finishing

 Basic tools and supplies to bring:

(Mark your name on all supplies you want to take back home!)

[  ] Elmer’s White or Clear Glue

[  ] Small tube of E6000 Adhesive (Clear Transparent)

[  ] Glue Gun (if you have one)

[  ] Craft Scissors - 2 sizes - large and small, with pointed tips

[  ] Metal Nippers (optional)

[  ] Pliers: 1 Slip-joint and 1 Needle-Nose

[  ] Small block of wood and 1 Awl (for poking holes) OR...1 hammer, and a couple of nails, different sizes

[  ] Ruler

[  ] Pack of assorted craft needles - ($3.25 from Amazon prime)

[  ] One black Sharpie Fine Point Marker

[  ] Tweezers

[  ] Cloth work gloves

[  ] Safety glasses

[  ] Tool box to transport above supplies

For all classes:

[  ] A few sheets of newspaper to cover the table you will be working on (Easy cleanup!)

Note: The idea behind repurposing and recycled art is to NOT BUY brand-new materials. Post-Consumer means that you or someone previously owned or used the material and it’s first use is over. Divert items from your trash and recycling bins. Go through your garage and junk drawers and ask your kids and friends to do the same and give their junk to you. Thrift store purchasing is fine if you want specific items you can’t find otherwise. Wash or brush off any dirt, or rust. We will turn your trash and old junk into treasure!

All materials below are optional. Bring if you have it already. If you don’t have it someone else will! Sharing is encouraged but not required. I will bring some materials to share and I hope you will find you have extra to share as well.

Start collecting post-consumer materials NOW! See class number for when to bring things.

For class #1:

For class #2:

For class #3 and 4