General Supply List

Please bring asterisked (*) items to the first class. Other items and may be added during the following meetings. We will discuss paints and supplies in class before you buy supplies you may not need.

Watercolors: If possible, use professional grade tube watercolors for your paintings. Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Holbein, and MaimeriBlu are good choices to use. Student grade paints, although cheaper, contain more binders and less pigment in the paint. and will not give you the colors you are looking for. If you already have paints, bring what you have.

(You can create all the colors you will need with the 3 primary colors of blue, red and yellow.)

Brushes: I use soft synthetic/natural watercolor brushes.

*Palette: A PIKE palette or Quiller palette has all of the color wells you will need, with a large area for mixing paint. A white Styrofoam plate will also work.

*Paper: Arches 140lb cold press is recommended. 2 to 3 sheets (22 x 28) or pad (8 ½ x 11 or 10 x 14 size) Paper quality is very important. The success of your painting can depend on the paper you use. Arches is highly recommended over other cheaper forms of watercolor paper. You will not get the proper effects and often will be frustrated with the results using other papers.

* Masking fluid and small disposable brush. Winsor Newton or Pebeo is recommended. Make sure it is lightly tinted, so it can be seen on white paper

* Small set of watercolor pencils (primary colors + brown, black, white)

Extra Items:

Some supply sources: