Calligraphy Supply List

Angelina Cox

Before you invest in lots of materials, (or purchase exciting colored inks) I will be describing all the supplies with specific information on purchasing on day one of class. Items marked with an asterisk * should be purchased and brought to the first class session.

Other supplies for later in the class:

** Paper- there are a variety of papers available to purchase at your local art stores. You only need to purchase ONE PAD (not one of each)

You will be using guidelines underneath the page you are writing on, so the paper should be thin enough to see a dark line through the paper. If you place a page of type/magazine/receipt underneath one sheet and can see the lines, it will probably be the right weight. I find paper sold in pads as "sketch" paper is thin enough, and paper sold in pads as "drawing" paper is usually too dense. Please buy a pad of paper larger than 9x12.

I recommend the following varieties:

Supply Sources/Resources

    1. Columbia Art & Drafting Supply
      1515 E Burnside, Portland OR.  Has every single item on the list in ONE PLACE!

    2. Online: these two Calligraphy-specialty websites carry all the supplies on the list (and will deliver straight to your address)
      Paper & Ink Arts
      John Neal Book Seller

    3. Clark College Campus Bookstore
      Gaiser Hall, 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA 98663
      (does not carry the Mitchell nibs but does carry Calligraphy nibs: they are stored behind the front counter, the employees will be able to help you pick out the nibs.)

    4. Dengerink Art
      518 Main St, Vancouver WA (limited options available)

    5. Dick Blick
      1115 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR  (does not carry the Mitchell nibs)

You can also try the art sections at Craft Warehouse, Michael's, Fred Meyer's

Recommended Books not required for class

Additional Supplies for your Calligraphy Tool-kit not required for class

As you develop your skills and love of calligraphy, the following is a list of other supplies and tools that are useful. I will demonstrate these tools during the course of the class.