Watercolor II

Instructor Susan Cowan

Supply List

• Paints: Bring what you have and build your palette as you can afford to. Tube watercolors carry the most pigment load and the following are my favorite brands: Winsor Newton (WN), Daniel Smith (DS), Holbein (H), and Grumbacher’s Finest (G). If I have a brand preference for a color I will note the brand after the color. Your choice of colors is up to you and you are welcome to come with a limited palette such as red, yellow and blue, but my color favorites are: Permanent Alizarin Crimson (WN), Winsor Red (WN) or Pyrrole Red (DS), Opera Rose (WN) or Opera (H), Quinacridone Coral (DS), Pyrrole Orange (DS), Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Lemon Yellow (WN) or Hansa Yellow Medium (DS), Indian Yellow or New Gamboge, Green Gold (DS), Pthalo Green, Pthalo Turquoise (DS), Pthalo Blue, Manganese Blue (DS), Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Teal Blue, Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine, Indigo, Dioxazine Purple (WN) or Carbazole Violet (DS), Quinacridone Magenta (WN), Quinacridone Gold (DS), Quinacridone Burnt Orange (DS), Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet (DS), Permanent Brown (DS), Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre.

• Brushes: For full sheet painters a good 2" synthetic flat wash brush is recommended, for smaller work a 1" flat wash brush is fine. A couple of good pointed rounds (#12 or #10 and a #4 or #6), and some small rounds and shaders for detail painters (those are brushes cut with an angle) work really well. My favorite angle shader and dagger brushes are the Dynasty Faux Squirrel that Utrecht carries online, these can replace flat wash brushes if they are 3/4in or larger. SMALLER PAINTINGS ARE ENCOURAGED DUE TO SPACE LIMITATIONS.

• Palette: My preference is the Quiller round palette, but any watercolor palette will work.

• Paper/YUPO/Birch Cradle boards: I recommend a good 140lb cold press rag paper such as Arches. 3 sheets will probably be more than enough for the quarter (less if you paint small which is recommended due to space limitations in class). YUPO (medium weight) is a synthetic paper you might enjoy exploring and MASA paper is also a surface to consider. First class session will note recommendations for the coming quarter. Birch cradle -boards can be used to mount works on paper to. You will receive more information regarding this at the first class.

• Black/White Gesso and Caran d’ache crayons: If we will be using these items, you will be notified at that first Session and be asked to bring them as needed.

• Alcohol Inks: If we will be using these this quarter you will be notified during the first class. It is always optional to watch the demos before purchasing any item you do not already have!

• Portfolio: An inexpensive portfolio will keep your paper from getting dog- eared and weather beaten from the car to the classroom. I like the canvas zippered kind.

• Painting Board: A piece of fome core cut slightly larger than the size of paper you want to paint on (1/2 sheets of watercolor are 22" x 15" so an inch larger all the way around is good) covered with a clear shelf lining plastic (Fred Meyers) will prove waterproof, lightweight and durable. Gator board is also great. Half sheets or smaller are recommended due to space limitation.

• Luggage cart: Since it is quite a walk from your car to the classroom some days, you may want to get a fold up luggage cart to schlepp your supplies into class.

• Miscellaneous must haves: Spray bottle, ball point pen, pencil, eraser (kneaded or white plastic kind), tracing paper, Saral transfer paper (gray for light under paintings white for darker ones), roll of TP or box of Kleenex tissue, paper towels, mixing cups (small clear plastic), sponges (magic-erase sponges are great for lifting), roll of Contact paper-clear, scissors, Exacto knife and extra #11 blades, masking fluid (Winsor Newton or Pebeo are good), masking fluid pick up, one tube of white gouache, enough GESSO to cover your wooden cradle boards if you want to, and photo reference materials.

• Miscellaneous Options: Roll of Saran Wrap, waxed paper, gel medium to adhere WC paper to cradle boards (small jar), Cold Wax medium to protect WC paintings when mounted to cradle boards (Dorland’s is one brand), YES paste (small jar),tissue paper, Pigma Micron pens, Sharpie pen, gouache colors (optional) (that is opaque watercolor), stamps, and stencils (or safe cut and carving supplies).