Watercolor Independent Studies

Instructor: Lee Baughman

Bring your painting supplies and pre-drawn subject matter to the first class.

Paints - Lee's favorite professional paints are made by Daniel Smith

A local Vancouver owned art store, Art's Desire, located at 5604 NE ST. Johns Road has stocked a full supply of Daniel Smith watercolors.  They are closed on Fridays, their phone is 360-693-0028.

Paper:  140lb D'Arches cold press. ( This is the most important supply you will buy)  Lee has found D'Arches 140 lb cold press watercolor paper is the easiest for him to work on and to fix his mistakes.

Palette: The Quiller Palette

Pencil: #2, soft eraser

Paper Towels: white paper or shop towels (Lee's favorite)

Masking Tape: Scotch 3M masking tape works well, some white artist tape costs more and will leak.