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Hannelore Tweed

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Born in post-war ruins of Stuttgart, West Germany, Hannelore Tweed was adopted by an American family and became a US citizen in 1956.

nbsp; With the help of the West German government, Hannelore found her birth mother and they paid her way for a visit as part of war reparations.  Mrs. Tweed has a BA in English and history minor from Augustana University.  In 1985, she earned her MA from Dominican University with a focus on the literature of the Holocaust.  Due to her passion for teaching the Holocaust in public secondary schools, Hannelore received a Fellowship from the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors/Jewish Labor Committee in order to study the summer of 1997 at the death camps of Poland as well as in Warsaw and Krakow.  This also included course work at the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the Ghetto Fighters’ House near Haifa, Israel.  As of 2002, she completed her Mandel Fellowship with the USHMM in Washington, D.C.  Since 1985, she has taught the Holocaust in IL, MT, and WA.  Her last 16 years were with the Camas School District teaching AP history, English, and Holocaust Studies at Camas High.  Retiring in 2016, she continues conducting Holocaust workshops for teachers and is a docent/tour guide with the OR Holocaust Museum and Resource Center in Portland.