ECD Instructor Amber Gudaitis

Amber Gudaitis

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  • Recreation & Wellness

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Amber Gudaitis is a choreographer and composer based in Portland, Oregon.

She began her artistic training in violin and Classical ballet and later expanded her focus to incorporate music composition and contemporary dance. She is known for her work combining choreography with live classical music, and focuses largely on bringing dance to the chamber music stage. She holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors from Arizona State University and studied at the University of Leeds in England during her artistic training abroad. Her choreography has been showcased by many international musicians, including Trumpeter Fred Sautter (Oregon Symphony, retired), Clarinetist Dr. Robert Spring (President of the International Clarinet Association 1998-2000), and Tubist Dr. Deanna Svoboda (Western Brass Quintet, Dallas Brass, TubaCOR). Gudaitis’ musical compositions have been performed internationally in England, Portugal, and Costa Rica. Pacific coast premieres include concerts with the Olympia Symphony Orchestra and the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra.

As an instructor, Gudaitis holds a special passion for working with dancers of all experience levels. Primary focal points in her classes include technique, injury prevention, creative expression, and an appreciation of all body types and personalities. Amber believes the most effective means of learning is to make classes both informative and fun.