Denise Pasquinelli

Denise Pasquinelli

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  • Personal Enrichment

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Denise Pasquinelli is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, certified Holistic Health Coach,  Plant-Based Chef, and Ayurveda enthusiast.

Denise believes that food is powerful place to begin when building a healthy lifestyle and that eating is a celebrated act. She emphasizes eating whole foods, that are nutrient dense, full of vitality and sustainably sourced.  Food Is Medicine, and Denise will show you how the foods you eat effect your physiology - in a fun and empowering way!

Denise's runs a Health & Wellness practice is called S E E D,  where she offers personal and group support with improving digestion, shedding stubborn weight, supporting hormonal health and fertility, reducing pain and inflammation, and overcoming fatigue - all through food and lifestyle adjustments.