Susan Lauderdale, ECD Instructor

Susan Lauderdale

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  • Personal Enrichment

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Susan Lauderdale has been preparing tax returns professionally for 34 years and teaching tax classes to the public and other professionals for most of those years.

She earned her first BS Degree from Fresno State University. She took tax training while a military wife and working for H&R Block. She then returned to college and received a degree in accounting. Susan worked H&R Block in tax preparation and management for 16 years. Then 15 years ago she took over the ownership of Northwest Accounting & Tax Service in Vancouver, WA. Susan and her team provide services to Small Business, Small Corporations, and Individual clients. Susan is an EA (Enrolled Agent with the IRS). This is a designation that allows her to represent clients with the IRS. She also is an Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant and well versed in Oregon Non Resident tax issues. 

She is well respected by her clients, other professionals for her ability to explain tax law and concepts so others can understand. Susan considers her role with her clients to help them navigate the rules and regulations governing taxpayers by IRS, States and Local Governments. Navigate means helping them understand so they can properly make decisions that help them pay the least tax possible while staying compliant. This class is short but you will leave with something to help you decide how to proceed with preparing your required tax returns.