Donna Larsen

Donna Larsen

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Donna Larsen became interested in criminal procedure as an undergraduate where she learned about diversion courts for prostitutes in Washington D.

.  She later became aware of more philosophical principles of the criminal justice system, such as non-participation and economic theory, while attending a class called Capital Punishment taught by Washington state death penalty attorneys Mark Larrañaga and Jeff Ellis at Seattle University School of Law. 

She started a project called Trial Diary in which she attended and blogged a six-month-long murder trial (Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay). She was on CourtTV, in the Seattle Times and in the Vancouver Sun as an expert on the trial. She worked for a year as a Crime Victim Advocate at the Lane County District Attorney's office, for two years as a Protection Order Advocate in the King County District Attorney's office and for six months as a Crime Victim Advocate at Lutheran Community Services here in Vancouver.

During law school she started the Murder 101 Project, which allowed law students interested in criminal law an opportunity to help legal professionals work on murder cases.  She has worked on the criminal defense side of things during two murder trials.

She has an AA in Philosophy, a BA in Economics and attended three years of law school.  She studied International Criminal Law at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Germany.

Donna finds people fascinating and has a special love for the struggling creatures on the earth.