Dan Strawn

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  • Mature Learning

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In 2001, Dan Strawn retired from a lifetime of managing in the telecommunications industry, teaching business management and computer science at the community college level, and running his own consulting business.

Since retiring, he has taken up creative writing and interpreting the Nez Perce experience for the Nez Perce National Historic Park delivering interpretive programs in Wallowa Valley, Oregon, the Big Hole National Monument in Montana; and public schools from elementary through high school levels. On occasion he teaches courses for Clark College's Mature learning program.

He is the author of four novels, and multiple magazine articles and short stories. A Novella, The Haunting of Josef Fleischer, is pending release.

His essay about Moscow, Idaho was a finalist in the University of Oregon's 2005 Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest. His novel , Black Wolf's Return, was nominated by the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association for a 2014 book award. His short story “Son” won first place, Adult Division, Idaho Magazine 2014 Short Fiction Contest.

He is an active member of the Western Writers of America, member and past board of directors member of the Nez Perce Trail Foundation, and a life member of the AT&T Telephone Pioneers.